Improve Relationships With Data Insights

See through the lens of the child with new perspective

This program makes it very easy to see trends in how students behave and work within our system. [BEHCA] has helped us show students and their parents the behavior trends that the student demonstrates throughout the day.
Ian Y
K-8 Principal
Here's How You Take Student Support
To The Next Level
Automatic Reporting

Instant access to graphs and notes identifying frequency, duration, & intensity

Decode Behaviour

Discover the viewpoint of each student needing customised support

User Friendly

Let staff focus on their students, not on learning another complicated tool

Document On-The-Go

Customisable one-click tracking on mobile & web apps

Person Centred

Collaborate and support as a united care team

Efficacy In Real-Time

Utilise A 'Living' Behaviour Support Plan

BEHCA makes it easy for you to present data at team meetings or IEP reviews. Having a clear and accurate picture of the analytics tells the purpose of the behaviour and insight into the student's unique way of experiencing the world. This data informs FBAs, PBSPs, and IEP development and goal setting. BEHCA later helps us track our progress in developing new skills.

If It Wasn't Documented, It Didn't Happen

Data Entry Couldn't Be Easier

No more time wasted transposing hand written notes or the hours spent keeping up google forms or other ad-hoc documentation repositories. Richly document observations, even using voice-to-text for general notes if that is easier, with a clear papertrail of who tracked what, and when.

And the best part, all progress reporting and data charting is automatically generated for you!

Empower Both Students And Staff

Breakthroughs Come When Everyone is Informed and Heard.

Customise behavior, environmental and health related observations for every student and provide 'self-reporting' to give everyone a voice.

Collaborate across teams, campuses and programs for a truly person centered approach to support and understanding. 

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Sometimes doing anything differently than we did yesterday can feel daunting, even if positive change is in the next step. With more than 25 years in the field, we will listen to your story, learn about your program and show the ways that BEHCA has proven to be a lifeline for similar schools and their students.