Get Back
Quality Time

Gain predictability and a new level of understanding for individuals with challenging and complex behaviours

I knew that we wanted to see patterns, but before BEHCA it was just too much to add to our already long daily to-do list. With BEHCA our process is so much easier! The impact that this software has had for us is priceless. BEHCA has also proven to be a highly valuable tool for IEP meetings, therapist sessions, as well as many other educational and professional settings. BEHCA is hands-down THE best app that we have ever used to track data for our special needs child.

Behaviour is Communication

Even Without Words

Effectively Advocate

Collaborate like a pro with data, not opinions

Data Integrity

Secure, encrypted AU-based cloud data application

User Friendly

For yourself, your family and your care team

Med Monitoring

Electronic medication administration tracking

Continuum Of Care

Understand environmental and health related influences

We're Parents Too

Tracking behaviours consistently can be a struggle when you can barely deal with the constant waves of challenging behaviour. Behaviours often change and have various ebbs and flows, which can be exhausting to understand how to support. We all want to do what's best for our children and experience a sense of harmony within our homes. BEHCA was built to provide a better, more accurate view into a person's world who otherwise may not have the ability to articulate themselves - leading to a new level of understanding for individuals who require support in order to thrive.


Through Being Taken Seriously

BEHCA provides an opportunity for comprehensive observation tracking and comparative analysis, looking at all variables influencing behaviour. Through recorded data we can collaborate with doctors, occupational therapists and behaviour specialists effectively to become a potent advocate.

Stop Over Medicating

Clearly Demonstrate Efficacy Of Interventions

Clearly find effective medication support levels based on observed data trends and holistic behavioural timeline.

At home and community based observation data presents a holistic view of an individual and allows for timely med adjustments based on data, not opinions.

It Takes A Village

Collaborate Across Support Teams

BEHCA is designed to be collaborative, allowing you to invite others to observe and track as well. This might include teachers, in-home care providers, or other support professionals.